Ahh-mazing Yoga Shala

Kalyani (Marcella) Reyes

A passionate seeker, she has lived her life journey determined to go deeper in the reality that goes beyond the Human body limitation, while using her own life to experience the teachings. Along her path, she deepened her studies while living in the Amazon Rain Forest of Peru, spending time close to great teachers. Following her years in South America, she migrated east to spend 8 years journeying in India for long sojourns, studying Yoga and spirituality.

She completed 200 training hours in Kailash School in the Himalayas, India and 200 hours at Skanda Yoga in Miami, Florida.

In Yoga she has found the perfect complement and companion, “Offering a complete Yoga that incorporates a powerful and aligned asana practice with a strong spiritual foundation."

She uses Yoga as a tool to inspire others to live a life from the heart. Her own body and life is her main tool to teach and invite others to this journey of self discovery and transformation, as she inspires her students to detach from limiting beliefs, and jump into the vast ocean of infinite happiness.

Kalyani (Marcella) Reyes instructs the following:
  • Ahh-mazing Vinyasa Flow
  • In this form of Hatha Yoga, we gracefully flow through the asanas focusing on special placement and alignment while linking movement with the breath.  We align with intention while strengthening the muscles and balance this body. Union of body, mind and Spirit quiets the mind. 

  • BEACH YOGA!!!!
  • Come join us on beautiful Hollywood Beach* for All Levels Hatha Yoga! Energize the body with the breath, quiet the mind and reconnect with the Spirit while enjoying the sound of the ocean with the warmth of the sun on your face! We supply sheets; mats can be rented for $2.00 or bring your own. Why not start the day off right and then stay to enjoy the beach for the rest of the day!
    *Weather permitting, a refund or credit will be provided if the weather does not cooperate!