Ahh-mazing Yoga Shala

We hope to see you for our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

led by Domenic Nappa III beginning on August 18th!


Noemi Rais

Noemi Rais was born in Colombia but has been living in the United States for about 30 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Art along with a degree in visual design. Today, yoga is her art form; she was in her late fifties when she discovered its life-changing effects and she loves all kinds: powerful, strong and hot, or gentle and relaxed, for they all have their own goals and benefits. She loves yoga also for its authentic philosophy and history, the science behind it, and the numerous paths and trajectories it renders for all, regardless of age, shape, race, color, etc. Noemi guides a peaceful, safe and uplifting yoga practice. Her teaching intention is to inspire health and wellbeing, physically, spiritually, mentally; she hopes to tune others in to the peace and awe that yoga transmits. Noemi is certified in Restorative, Chair and working on Prenatal. She is a yoga teacher for any age or stage, completely capable of guiding a beginner’s class that is creative; a gentle class that is powerful or an uplifting flow that is graceful.

Noemi Rais instructs the following:
  • Hatha Slow Flow
  • Awaken the body, connect with the breath and feed the soul as we practice slow, mindful Hatha postures in this flow. As motion is linked with breath it becomes a meditation in motion where we become fully present to the moment, allowing us to connect deeply to the peace within. Class ends with restoration and relaxation.

    “The main objective of Hatha yoga is to create an absolute balance of the interacting activities and processes of the physical body, mind and energy. When this balance is created, the impulses generated give a call of awakening to the central force, which is responsible for the evolution of human consciousness. If yoga is not used for this purpose, its true objective is lost.”

    ~Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati, Commentary, 1985 translation, Hatha yoga Pradipika